Jarred's Custom Cleats Up Close

Did you notice Jarred's Custom Jordan Cleats on Debut Night?

Well, I had the opportunity to film the experience of Jarred receiving this awesome gift from his girlfriend Gina.  On Tuesday, Jarred had a Triple A game in Tacoma, and then on Wednesday evening, we all had dinner together.  Jarred, Gina, his parents, brother, aunts and uncle, myself, and his agent all had dinner together and after that, Gina told Jarred she needed to make a stop to pick up a surprise. It was funny listening to Jarred tease her that they were new rims for his truck, but then he started to hint that they might be custom cleats - he was on to her. It must be hard to buy a great gift for a professional baseball player - but we think she nailed it.

Here's a sneak peak of the sneakers, and we had the opportunity to film Jarred opening this amazing gift.

Check out the pictures below:

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